EHG Ennshafen GmbH
Donaustraße 3
4470 Enns / AUSTRIA
Tel.: +43 7223 841 51-0
Fax: +43 7223 841 51-110

Firmenbuchnummer FN 253654 x, LG Steyr
Aufsichtsbehörde: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Linz-Land
DVR-Nummer 0181757
ATU 61221966

General Management: Werner Auer, Jörg Praher


As a public-private partnership, the ENNSHAFEN port represents a joint endeavor between government and business. Our economically sound long-term vision and our efficient organization all provide a solid foundation for the continuing expansion of our port infrastructure – an outcome that benefits the wider economy.The ENNSHAFEN port and the business parks of Enns and Ennsdorf are collaboratively marketed by Ennshafen OÖ GmbH and Ennshafen NÖ GmbH as EHG Ennshafen GmbH.



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