29.06.2022 /

Floating dock built in Enns – investment by First-DDSG upgrades Ennshafen as logistics hub

“First-DDSG Logistics Holding has been an important partner in the transport of goods on the Danube for many years in the logistics sector and in particular also for Upper Austrian industry. Already in the past – also under the predecessor company “Erste Donau-Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft (DDSG)” – many milestones were set for the environmentally friendly goods transport of raw materials and finished products on the Danube waterway, thus enabling the successful development of many companies in Upper Austria. I am all the more pleased that First-DDSG Logistics Holding has also had a location in the Ennshafen for several years and is further improving the excellent infrastructure of the port there with the construction of the floating dock. This strengthens the outstanding position of the Ennshafen as an internationally important logistics hub and sets another mosaic stone for strengthening the transport of goods on the waterway. At the same time, this is another important contribution in Upper Austria to shifting freight traffic away from the roads and thus also to achieving our climate targets,” says Markus Achleitner, Regional Minister for Economic Affairs.