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Join us for a tour of the port!

The ENNSHAFEN port tour is a powerful experience that can be enjoyed by bus, taking you to the very heart of the action at Austria’s newest public port.

How does a port work and what exactly goes on?

When it comes to connecting people and supplying goods, ports are the most important form of infrastructure known to man. Visitors can take a look behind the scenes at a wide range of different stops – at company premises, port facilities, the container terminal, logistics center and many more besides.

You can dive into life on the waterway aboard the vessel on permanent display at ENNSHAFEN, the MS Franz Liszt. The ENNSHAFEN port exists in harmony with local communities, nature and the wider economy, enjoying a central location in both Austria and the European continent while being situated directly on the Enns and Danube rivers.

Why not visit ENNSHAFEN and join us for a tour of the port?

Ennshafen OÖ GmbH, Donaustrasse 3, 4470 Enns
+43 7223 84151 

Connecting the region to Europe by water, rail and road.

The ENNSHAFEN port links the main transport routes for international cargo, the Rhine-Main-Danube waterway from west to east and the north-south railway that extends from the North Sea to the Adriatic. With direct access to motorways and main roads, the ENNSHAFEN port offers ideal road links. Waterways, rail and road connections empower the port as a transport hub for goods and commodities in international logistics operations and for local businesses.

Serving the largest continuous industrial area on the Upper Danube, the ENNSHAFEN port is a trimodal transshipment center and a modern service center for the forwarding industry. Located in the heart of Europe, the port is ideally linked to the most important inland ports and sea ports of the continent.

The ENNSHAFEN port is a center of service, logistics, and excellence in handling and warehousing.