Company canteen “KAI 7”

The team of our on-site company canteen “KAI 7” treats ENNSHAFEN’s workforce to a delicious culinary selection, serving up high-end fare at the port.

Diners can choose from affordable daily lunch specials and tasteful á la carte dishes, while catering can naturally be provided for every kind of meeting, seminar or conference.

+43 7223 80417


Cyclists – bicycle ferry

The ENNSHAFEN port has its own quay for the bicycle ferry.
(from May to September)

Enns tourism association: +43 7223 82777
Telephone on the ferry: +43 664 279 72 72 
general information

Sightseeing and tours in the town of Enns

tours of the town | tours of the three towersBasilica St. Laurenz | Lauriacum museum

Enns tourism association
Hauptplatz 19
4470 Enns / AUSTRIA
+43 7223 82777


Ardagger Danube Boat Tour

boat tours with
“MS Donaunixe” (for up to 160 people)
Duration as per Agreement
Costs: charter costs for the boat, tour flat rate

Donauschifffahrt Ardagger GmbH
Felleismühle 5
3321 Ardagger / AUSTRIA
+43 7479 6464

Connecting the region to Europe by water, rail and road.

The ENNSHAFEN port links the main transport routes for international cargo, the Rhine-Main-Danube waterway from west to east and the north-south railway that extends from the North Sea to the Adriatic. With direct access to motorways and main roads, the ENNSHAFEN port offers ideal road links. Waterways, rail and road connections empower the port as a transport hub for goods and commodities in international logistics operations and for local businesses.

Serving the largest continuous industrial area on the Upper Danube, the ENNSHAFEN port is a trimodal transshipment center and a modern service center for the forwarding industry. Located in the heart of Europe, the port is ideally linked to the most important inland ports and sea ports of the continent.

The ENNSHAFEN port is a center of service, logistics, and excellence in handling and warehousing.