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Harbor master
(port operations, electricity, drinking water)
Carmen Celedin
+43 664 540 98 86

Danube at river kilometer 2,112


The ship registration is mandatory as of October 1st,.2023 digitally.
Please use the following link or QR code to log in!


For LOGIN to the ship registration you need:
– ENI number
– Mail address – ship
– Direct telephone number of the captain (for any queries)

The ship and personal data for repeated registrations are stored in the shipping company portal. This enables you to process further ship registrations more efficiently.

You will receive the access data for your personal login from harbor master Carmen Celedin.
Contact: hafenmeister@ennshafen.at, mobile: +43 664 540 98 86


Attestations of unloading

The proper execution of the unloading procedure for cargo residues (Part B) is documented in the attestation of unloading. In particular, it provides the various parties involved with proof of their obligations and the proper delivery of the waste.
The forms are available on the CDNI portal in English, French and Dutch.


DoRIS Mobile

DoRIS mobile offers extensive information from the DoRIS (Donau River Information Services) system. The app can display the latest navigable waterway information on your mobile device 24/7, making it your ideal companion. For more information, please visit: http://www.doris.bmk.gv.at/services/doris-mobile/


Further information

Further current information on water levels, alarm levels, precipitation amounts, etc. can be found on the following websites:
Hydrographic Service – Province of Upper Austria
Gauges online – WSV.de

You can filter the desired area by map, table or water body.


Drinking water supply: can be turned on or off via PC upon request to the harbormaster. The cost can be paid for along with the port fee bill or paid on site in cash.

use points: quays 4 and 14, at the places indicated
We charge according to the valid fee schedule.

Electricity supply: can be turned on or off via PC upon request to the harbor master. The cost can be paid for along with the port fee bill or paid on site in cash.

use points: at every quay
We charge according to the valid fee schedule.

Industrial and other waste at every quay.
For bilge water and other waste, contact the A.S.A. waste sorting plant Asten, +43 7224 675 860
If dangerous materials or items have got into water, please inform the harbor master and the fire department immediately.

European emergency call 112
Fire Service 122
Police 133
Ambulance 144
Medical Service 141
Harbor master

+43 664 540 98 86
+43 7223 84151-123

Water Police +43 59133 4589-100
Police – St.Valentin, Lower Austria +43 59133 3113-100
Police – Enns, Upper Austria +43 59133 4132-100
Enns Health Centre +43 7223 84840
Vet +43 7223 81444
Taxi +43 800 240 431 531

The ENNSHAFEN port is the newest public port in Austria. It links the main transport routes for international cargo, the Rhine-Main-Danube waterway from west to east and the north-south railway that extends from the North Sea to the Adriatic. Linz Airport is just a short distance away. And with direct access to motorways and main roads, the ENNSHAFEN port offers ideal road links. Waterways, rail and road connections empower the port as a transport hub for goods and commodities in international logistics operations and for local businesses. ENNSHAFEN connects the region to Europe by water, rail, and road. 

Serving the largest continuous industrial area on the Upper Danube, the ENNSHAFEN port is a trimodal transshipment center spanning 3.5 million square meters. By water, it connects the business parks of Enns and Ennsdorf to a powerful economic hub. Located in the heart of Europe, the port is ideally linked to the most important inland ports and sea ports of the continent. 

As a multi-modal logistics hub, the Container Terminal Enns is a major hinterland terminal for the big sea ports. Spanning some 275,000 square meters and with a capacity of 500,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), it has some of the most modern transshipment infrastructure in Austria.
The roll-on/roll-off terminal, which offers best-in-class service for heavy lift and project cargo, adds to the freight transportation opportunities on the Danube River; vehicles and agricultural machines can drive straight on and off vessels, with no need for additional facilities. Services such as transshipment, heavy cargo transshipment, warehousing, packaging, and bunkering are provided by operators located in the ENNSHAFEN port. We make our infrastructure available to all transshipping and manufacturing companies.