Loading over the quay wall

At the ENNSHAFEN port, special cranes are used to transfer high and heavy goods to heavy duty quays

In situations involving out-of-the-ordinary dimensions and weight requirements, vessels are the efficient and eco-friendly alternative to road transportation. 

For projects and inquiries, please contact
Captain Robert Wanger, Hafenmeister
+43 664 540 98 86


Verladung über die Kaimauer

High&Heavy-Güter werden im ENNSHAFEN an den schwerlastfähigen Kaimauern und Kaiflächen per Spezialkran umgeschlagen. 

Für außerordentliche Anforderungen hinsichtlich Abmessungen und Gewicht stellt das Binnenschiff die umweltfreundliche und effiziente Alternative zu Straßentransporten dar. 

Für Projekte und Anfragen kontaktieren Sie bitte
Kapitän Robert Wanger, Hafenmeister
+43 664 540 98 86

The ENNSHAFEN port is the newest and most modern public port in Austria. It links the main transport routes for international cargo, the Rhine-Main-Danube waterway from west to east and the north-south railway that extends from the North Sea to the Adriatic. Linz Airport is just a short distance away. And with direct access to motorways and main roads, the ENNSHAFEN port offers ideal road links. Waterways, rail and road connections empower the port as a transport hub for goods and commodities in international logistics operations and for local businesses. ENNSHAFEN connects the region to Europe by water, rail, and road. 

Serving the largest continuous industrial area on the Upper Danube, the ENNSHAFEN port is a trimodal transshipment center spanning 3.5 million square meters. By water, it connects the business parks of Enns and Ennsdorf to a powerful economic hub. Located in the heart of Europe, the port is ideally linked to the most important inland ports and sea ports of the continent. The ENNSHAFEN port is a center of service, logistics, and excellence in handling and warehousing. Its high-performance infrastructure, roads, quays, and railway systems provide companies with neutral access to various modes of transportation. With a quayside extending some 2,500 meters, cargo handling conditions are ideal. As a multi-modal logistics hub, the Container Terminal Enns is a major hinterland terminal for the big sea ports.